Mix & Master 007: Oliver Chesler Interview on Music Gear and Blogging

Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist is a New York-based electronic artist and founder of Things to Come Records, on which he released his acclaimed debut album Manic Panic. What’s cool is he’s also a prolific music blogger. In this interview, he talks about his widely-read music gear blog Wire to the Ear, how he started it, how he grew the readership, and how the blog comes full circle and helps his music side. He then talks about music gear itself and the benefits of both constantly-progressing software and classic tactile hardware. Enjoy.

If you haven’t read Wire to the Ear before, one of the most popular articles to start with is a funny yet insightful one titled Keep your channel faders low and the master at 0db!. And you can buy The Horrorist tunes here.